Structuur en Eigenschappen van Materialen         

4052STEVMY (SEM)            ECTS: 6 

BSc Program on Molecular Science & Technology

2nd year, 4th Term

Soft materials materials are present in a large part of traditional everyday chemical and food products as well as in high-tech applications. This course provides a comprehensive overview of "soft materials” and their applications.

Soft Matter for Chemical Products

CH3372a (SMP)            ECTS: 3

MSc Program on Molecular Science and Technology

2nd Term

In this course students learn the foundations underlying the behavior of soft matter and fundamental knowledge is then related to advanced products from sensing, coatings, to bio-medical and health care materials as well as materials for energy such as fuel cell membranes.



MSc Program in Materials Science & Engineering

Structure/Property Relation of Advanced Chemical Products - CH3172 

Nanostructured Polymers - CH4151TU

Advanced Polymer Applications II - CH4081MS

Polymer Dynamics and Modelling II - CH4061MS
Polymer Structure and Characterization - CH4041MS
Practicum Characterization & Processing - CH4121MS

Properties of Materials - Polymer part - MS4081

Structure of Materials II - Polymer part - MS4041MS

"Polymer Networks" at the National Dutch
Graduate School PTN, (RPK) "Polymer Physics"

"Rheology of Self-Assembled Systems", National PhD course on Supramolecular Chemistry

"Small-Angle Neutron Scattering" PhD-school Crystal and Structure Research, X-rays and Neutrons in Material Science

Advanced Soft Matter

Polymer Science

CH4011MS          ECTS: 4

MSc Program on Materials Science & Engineering

4th Term

An introduction to polymer science including, chain modeling, general polymer principles, dynamics, reptation, rheology, glass transition, gels and self-assembly.


Molecular Thermodynamics     

CH3142 (MTD)            ECTS: 5 

MSc Program on Molecular Science & Technology

1st year, 1st Term

The course  provides a general theoretical framework that allows us to connect the microscopic (i.e. atomic, molecular, electronic…) properties of a particular system to their macroscopic thermodynamic behaviour