MSc Program Applied Sciences

AS 3131 (AEE)    ECTS: 4
Join on 2nd or 4th Term 2021-2022

Honors BSc  Program
UD 1057 (AEE)    ECTS: 4

Join on 2nd or 4th Term 2021-2022

Few places available for PhD students!

Course theme

Last years: “Body Enhancement”
2021-2022: “Connectivity Technologies”

“Under the supervision of an artist and using the tools and media suggested by the artist you will develop an art project around an ethical or a societal problem related to the design and use of technology as well as the access to such technologies around the globe.” - “This empathic and aesthetic exercise is to be complemented by a systematic conceptual reflection on the chosen ethical or societal problem, both carried out in parallel.

Advanced Soft Matter

Art, Empathy & Ethics (4 ECTS course)

Rather than “talking about art” or learning art history, the students live their own art on the making. And that impacts the way they define a debatable ethics question and the angle they approach such debate.

There are already decades of claims – and still raising – for the urgent need of integration of Art in Higher Education,  as means to enhance not only  learning, but also critical thinking, divergent thinking, collaboration and creativity, just to cite a few. While the debate on the need of Art in Higher Education for technology and sciences students seems overdue, the main question is “how to implement it” ?

That is what we do. I developed a course named  ““Art, Empathy & Ethics” which  brings the students to the atelier where, through the process of “making art as an artist” and guided by professional artists. the students generate a personal debatable Ethics statement. I constructed this course inspired by the impact artists have on the interpretation of new technologies that raises social awareness and novel ethical questions. From twice a week sessions on art assignments and critical reflection, they generate an art piece, an artist statement and ethics essay.


Marlijn Helder
Frank Aupperlé
Filippo Santoni
Thijs Biersteker

This course was only  possible due to an great support from my colleagues from the Board of Studies, Student Affairs and  “X”, our former Culture & Sport Centre...

...and of course the engagement of our motivated Philosopher (Filippo) and Artists :



...and students !

“Awareness & Culture”

a BSc, Art Embedded Learning Honours Specialization

Joining forces with enthusiastic colleagues and artists, with strong support from TU Delft Management, I just put together a
new 20 ECTS Bachelor Honours Program named “Awareness & Culture”. Starting now in 20-21, TU Delft wise, it is largely inspired by the approach we developed in the course “Art, Empathy & Ethics”.

The focus is on you, as a person, on your own awareness of the “self” and your understanding of the relations that bind you to others – to social groups, societies & cultures, in a unique, multi-sensory experience to explore your relation to the world and the impact of technology.

You will have invigorating weekly interactions with professional artists, tutors and fellow students from various backgrounds, developing ‘living experiences’: hands-on experimentation and discovery through the production and performance of art, visits to musea, and more!

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Art Embedded Learning courses of this program:

Art, Empathy & Ethics
(Uses Visual & Performing Arts, see below for a detailed description)

Matter of Art
The course focusses on the possible interpretations and meaningfulness of new technologies (or new materials) during their development in the lab. Together with art students of the Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague.

The Laboratory of Science Fiction
The course zooms in on the very frontiers of life sciences and technology, and the (re-)definition of what it means to be human. Uses various media  and Sci-Fi Literature.

The World is a Stage…
The course focuses on the interface between new technological developments & policies, at the level of the individual and society as a whole. It is embedded in Theatre & Opera.


“Our engineers usually learn about processes. They are trained in finding the best processes to achieve a goal in a more efficient way. Our courses are heavy and the students have less and less connection to or time to really understand the world that they live in which is more and more complex every day. I created a space where students are able to discover who they are and grow without any pre-determined behaviour or concepts imposed by courses or faculties. Using ‘making art as an artist’ rather than talking about art or art history, they can reconnect to themselves and to the world in terms of ethics, sustainability, and many other important topics of our time not only because it’s in the curriculum but because it’s a need for society. I wanted to bring more of that human side that they can connect to into our education. That has been my real goal from the beginning and it translates into this awareness of the self and of the world, triggering a self-review on responsibility and leadership.

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